√10 Ways To Decorate With Fairy Lights

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10 Ways To Decorate With Fairy Lights

Improve any room by adding twinkling fairy lights to your décor. Many people use twinkling fairy lights to develop comfort in a certain space or turn a room into a mystical fairyland. Incorporating string fairy lights into your home decor makes the room feel cozy and comfortable, but adds a warm hue of soft light. Compared to regular string lights, fairy lights are not very large and produce a less distracting amount of light, making them the more polite decor choice of the two. The small size of the bulb and the thinness of the wire make fairy lights a very versatile piece of decor.

Check out these 10 cool ways to decorate your home with fairy lights.

1. Bed Canopy

Sleep under the hanging stars, and hang fairy lights around your bed. A clever trick to give your cozy space a more upscale and whimsical vibe is to place a fairy light behind a large, flimsy sheet of cloth. Make sure to choose a color that is light and light enough so that the hue from the lights can still show through the sheet. Once the color has been determined, take the desired measurements and get some fabrics. Using tacks or nails to secure the sheets, attach one end to the ceiling and pull it back against the wall of your bed, leaving enough space between the ceiling and the fabric to attach the light to. The rest of the fabric should fall against the back wall, mimicking the headboard look.

Bed Canopy with fairy light

2. Fairy Light Lantern

A really easy way to jazz up any room is with a few fairy light lanterns. These special decorations are easy to make yourself and leave room for more creative freedom and personal preference. The first step is to choose an empty glass jar or glass lantern. The second step is to get fairy lights, preferably battery powered, and fill the jar or lantern all the way to the top with them.

fairy light lantern

3. Hanging Lights Picture Wall

Have a few extra picture prints or polaroids lying around your room with no where to go? This is the solution! Start by getting a few strings of sparkling fairy lights and sticking them in alternating lines along your wall. Next, get some cool colored clothespins and use them to hang your photo along the string lights on your wall.

Hanging Lights Picture Wall 1
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4. Hanging From Stairs

A unique way to spice up your home décor is to dress up the usually soft stair rails. Although the placement of these lights is traditionally done as a Christmas decoration, they are beautiful if not seen all year round. Plus at Christmas time you won’t have a single decoration to worry about.

Hanging Off Stairs

5. Forming Words

Take your favorite word and make it brighter. Use string fairy lights and write a short word, keep it in place with wall tacks, and hang it on your wall for a sweet or inspiring word reminder.

fairy light Forming Words

6. Framing A Mirror

Make your reflection a little brighter by placing a string of fairy lights around the mirror. These decorations are super easy to do and make every look in the mirror that little bit more fanciful.

String Through Indoor Foliage

7. Outdoor Decor

Add fairy lights to your outdoor decoration not only brings about a rustic chic look but serves a practical use.

fairy light outdoor decoration

8. Draped Through Sheer Curtains

Brighten up your room by mixing up the curtains and fairy lights. If you have cheesecloth for curtains, put a string of fairy lights behind them and the faint hue will shine through. If your curtains are made of a solid, impermeable color, wrap a lamp around the rod, or place a string in front of the curtain to get light through dark colors.

Draped Through Sheer Curtains

9. Brightening Wall Accent

Brighten up any room by hanging a string light on a wall that has an awkward free space. Hanging a few cords on the wall provides more light for a brighter accent wall. If you want a softer color, tie the lights around the edge of the wall so they aren’t too distracting.

10. String Through Indoor Foliage

The indoor leaves look a little damaged? Bring life back to the plant by stringing a line of fairy lights in and around the stand that holds it in place. Another way to introduce fairy light into the leaves is by wrapping a string around the flower pot.

String Through Indoor Foliage 1