√15+ Things To Love About Winter

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15 Things To Love About Winter 1

This cold morning can make it hard to feel motivated. And for those of us who hate feeling cold, It can make us feel sad about our day, ourselves, and sometimes even our lives.

There are very real conditions that occur in the colder months. I’m sure most of us have heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – a type of depression that usually occurs during fall or winter. You can read more about SAD here. If you are concerned you might have SAD, contact a health care professional for help.

I’ve never been officially diagnosed with SAD, but I can tell you that I experienced some form of winter grief. Not too serious form, but still a shape that I’m trying to overcome. One of the ways that really helps me feel better is through gratitude.

I have been on a mission to be a more grateful person in general. I noticed that with every difficulty I experienced, gratitude was always a contributing factor to help me through it.

Today, when I wake up on this cold day, I choose to look for the things I love about this winter. So let’s jump right into the 10+ things to love about winter – all the little simple joys I’m fully grateful for and that make life, and this special season, really great.

15+ Things To Love About Winter

1. The smell of pine

The scent of pine immediately calms me down and makes me smile. Maybe this is nostalgic stuff? Reminds me of fond memories of Christmas. There may be some truth to this happy smell because studies have found that it actually helps reduce stress!


2. Christmas lights around the city

The whole city that lights up at night really changes the atmosphere and atmosphere. Everything feels a little calmer, more fun, and completely romantic.


3. The first snowfall

That first snowfall always feels magical.

Things To Love About Winter 3

4. Hot chocolate

Great chocolate goodness! And it really makes me feel like a kid again whenever I have it.

Things To Love About Winter

5. Chunky sweaters

Let’s just say I’m a big fan of sweaters. I’ve always been like that – any shape, size or color. A sweater makes me feel warm and cozy. And this time of year has literally taken all the sweaters up a notch. And I live for it!

Things To Love About Winter 8

6. Warm socks

Having cold feet (figuratively and literally!) Is not the greatest feeling. Warm, warm feet, on the other hand, are the perfect self-care I crave after coming home from a cold winter day.

Things To Love About Winter 4

7. Making snow angels

When was the last time you made a snow angel? I can’t tell you. But all I can say is how it made me feel like I was back in childhood. And how it makes people everywhere, and of all ages, whether doing or observing, feeling. There’s something about playing in the snow that can excite all of us. I mean, what other season comes with the ability to make angels?

8. Christmas music

In case you didn’t know, I’m a little bit obsessed with Christmas. This is my favorite time of year. And Christmas music is the perfect cherry to round out the already perfect sundae that is the holiday season

Things To Love About Winter 7

9. Comfort food

I love a warm hug in a bowl, what can I say about this?

Things To Love About Winter 11

10. Cuddle sessions

Keeping warm when you are comfortable with your lover has never felt so romantic. It looks like winter has a way of starring each of us in our own romantic comedy. What’s your favorite romantic comedy ??? My best friend’s marriage to Dermot Mulroney is so beautiful

Things To Love About Winter 2 1

11. Fluffy blankets

My happy place is warm. The soft blanket led me to that place.

Things To Love About Winter 10

12. It’s good for your health

It is true! Winter helps improve allergies, fight infections, and provides other surprising health benefits. You can read about these health benefits here.

13. Coziest bedtime

The holiday season brings a greater sense of peace and compassion to the world. It takes an extraordinary season to accommodate the most beautiful time of the year!

Things To Love About Winter 9

14. Holiday spirit

Climbing into bed, safe away from the harsh cold, under all the soft blankets, feels very comfortable this time of year.

15. Citrusy goodness

Most citrus fruits are the tastiest during the North American winter, and I can’t tell you a winter when I haven’t had the tastiest oranges or clementines. They became synonymous with Christmas and winter to me as growing up my mother would put them everywhere in the house during this year.