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2020 is changing the way we work for so many people. More individuals than any other time are telecommuting and utilizing their rooms, kitchens and even lobbies as transitory home workplaces. And keeping in mind that not voyaging or sit in a gridlock is unquestionably a benefit telecommuting accompanies its own arrangement of issues.

Having a different space to work is fundamental for my focus and profitability. It likewise makes a contrast among ‘work’ and time off, otherwise it will be difficult to switch to the non-working mode, which is so important for work-life balance. If I’m just working from the couch, turning off becomes even more difficult, not to mention it’s not good for my back either!

Creating a home office

When we moved into our previous house, I had a home office in one of the largest rooms in the house. I have a large round table and lots of storage space. All my photography and style files and equipment have plenty of space. Last year my daughter decided it was time for her to move out of the room she shared with her sister and have her own bedroom.

Even the smallest space can work

My son definitely needs all the space she can get. He always has so many games and games going on. So I let go of my big bedroom and moved my home office to the smallest bedroom. This is not only the smallest bedroom, it is our guest room too! I really don’t have much space available. Just a little in the corner behind the door.

I also have a small dressing table in the corner of my room, which doesn’t take up much space at all. It can easily be used as a head office if I don’t have a study room in the living room.


The most important thing for creating a home office, when space is limited, is a narrow, narrow table that fits the space. I found a small antique wooden table for my study from an antiques market where I had found a lot of good stuff before. My dressing table is from Ikea, which has a great selection of furniture for smaller spaces. You’ll also need a chair – I personally prefer to use a compact armchair or dining chair as a home office chair.

Home office storage

Another important thing is to make sure there is enough storage space available. Otherwise, your small table will look too cluttered. The living / study room has a wardrobe which I use to store my things to keep my desk tidy. I also have an extra shelf on the table where I put my laptop. Otherwise, there won’t be much room for anything else.

I can also use my dressing table space as a home office. It has a sleek little table, and has handy full length drawers. But the drawers are pretty shallow, so I ended up keeping a few things in my wardrobe too. It’s not ideal, but I should try to reduce the number of cosmetic products instead of buying more storage solutions for them!