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✔Home Tour – Zoncuantla Apartments | by Rafael Pardo Arquitectos

Photography: @ naser.barzani Naser Nader Ibrahim The project is located in a tropical cloud forest along the old highway between Xalapa and Coatepec, in...
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✔Modern Villa – Casa Hannah Villa that Maximizes the Spaces

Casa Hannah is a villa that maximizes space by playing with double heights and integrates the exterior with the interior. With a beautiful tropical...
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✔Home Tour – The Nooq Cabin Scandinavian | inspired mountain hideaway.

Nooq’s cabin is a Scandinavian-inspired mountain hideaway. Featuring a three-section gable with spacious windows, the cabin embraces nature with sweeping views of the surrounding...
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✔Home Tour – Interior of a Country House in Kozenki

Interior of a country house in Kozenki for @akmonopoly.An interesting volumetric-spatial solution of the interior has developed in this project.On the one hand, each...
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✔Home Tour – The Pleats House a modern courtyard house | Design by The Ranch Mine

The Pleats House is a modern courtyard home ideal for desert living. With a minimalist aesthetic and warm textures, this home is modern yet...
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✔Home Tour – Noe Valley House is Designed by IwamotoScott

designing this amazing Row house! Mind?Noe Valley House Designed by IwamotoScott Architecture @iwamotoscott, located in Sanfrancisco, California andphotographed by Bruce Damonte.
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✔Home Tour – M Garden Duplex | by Toledano + Architects

This duplex is located on the first 2 floors of a building from the 70s and has never been renovated. It has a private...
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✔Gallery of Ummara by Rojkind Arquitectos + Amasa Estudio

This project was born through an understanding of the value of nature and the historical use of it as a sanctuary and refuge, enabling...
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✔Super Cool Buildings Guizhou Modoo Shopping Mall | Public Work Department

The main challenge is designing the commercial complex in a way that allows us to make maximum use of the difference in elevation while...
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