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✔Destination Travel – Inspired by Natural Stones

Inspired by natural stoneDolmen Shelter was designed by Davit Jilavyan & Mary Jilavyan @davitjilavyan @maryjilavyan.
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✔Villa Tour – Villa Kelardasht in Iran

Villa Kelardasht by Saeb Alimohammadi, Nilufar Alimohammadi & Ayda Alimohammadi.
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✔Home Tour – 44 m² Low Impact Family Home

Influenced by natural patterns, vernacular architecture, and traditional building techniques. Matt Prosser, designer and craftsman built this house as a work of art and...
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✔Home Tour – Punta Pajaros in Oaxaca | by…

Punta Pajaros in Oaxaca, #Mexico by Alberto Kalach / TAX. Punta Pajaros puntapajaros is a regenerative project developed near Puerto Escondido Oaxaca on the...
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✔Home Tour – Douro Valley House | by MJARC…

Douro Valley Home in Portugal by MJARC Arquitetos. The project consists of two separate constructions, the first is an old construction which is being...
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✔Residence in The Middle of Nature | by Nathan…

These lodges designed by nathanbrami architectur are part of a hotel residence located in the Pyrenees.If you want to travel amidst nature, Location: Pyrénées, France.
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✔Home Tour – Country house visualization

Country house visualization by Сергей Торшин Sergio Torsche.
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✔Home Tour – Kilada Spiral | by Omniview

Villa Kilada Spiral in the Peloponnese, Greece by Omniview Design. The main ambition behind the design of the Villa, is to create a home...
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✔Bathroom Interior – Luxury Bathrooms to Steal on-trend Design

Bathrooms need updating? If you want to give it star power, check out list A for the latest trends and timely schemes.Modern bathroom design...
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