White walls, wood floors, modern furniture, a lack of clutter and interior design that go beyond stark minimalism.

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beyond stark minimalism

White walls, wooden floors, modern, uncluttered furniture, and an interior design that goes beyond gaudy minimalism. Do you like these elements incorporated into your home? So, this Scandinavian Karina @imaastoppen ⁣ home in Norway could be what your future home should be like

⁣⁣⁣⁣Although simple in design, the Scandinavian style combines neat lines with understated elegance and warm functionality, creating a very cozy feel. A mix of styles from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, the design creates a beautiful country space filled with light, and the appeal of Skandi designs is now popular all over the world.
⁣⁣Photo courtesy: @imaastoppen⁣⁣
Location: Norway 🇳🇴⁣⁣

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